Jeffrey Graham

Non-partisan incumbent for Camden mayor.


Occupation: Mayor of Camden; co-owner Graham Realty

Education: Graduate of Camden High School and graduated in 2004 from Presbyterian College with a degree in business administration

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Mayor Graham was elected as Mayor of Camden in 2008. At the time of election, and remains so today, he is the youngest mayor in South Carolina. In addition to this elected political position, he is immediate past President, Mayor Association of South Carolina, a member of the Kershaw County United Way Partnership, and board member of the Upstate and Midlands Goodwill. He a member and former vice president of tourism for the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce, a former board member of the Rotary Club of Camden, and past chair of the Camden Polo Match on behalf of the Kershaw County Fine Arts Center.

Why should voters choose you in this election?

As a small business owner, with a degree in business, I have both the training and experience to continue to serve as the Mayor of Camden. My proven record clearly demonstrates why the citizens of Camden should vote for me on November 6:

Ensured City financial stability of Camden by introducing a strategic planning process that equals an annual balanced budget; finances are very strong

...No city property tax increases in the last two years
... Secured and invested over $3.5 million in grants

...Brought the Kershaw County Farmers' Market to Camden by providing the venue and associated support

...Increased city business license revenues; brought new businesses to Camden
...Defined a policy to give purchasing preferences to local businesses
...Started construction on the wastewater treatment plant (not a flashy topic, but critical!)
...Utilized the DPZ Plan to support the 2007 Comprehensive Plan...continuing the great ideas
...Instituted a hospitality tax, which has not negatively impacted sales in Camden, and has allowed us to promote/market Camden, increase tourism and still have funding for major projects...planning to bring a state-of-the-art sports complex to you
...Completed the Church Street sewer line rehabilitation
...Implemented underground utilities lines, sewer rehab, storm water drains on Lyttleton Street ... with more improvements to follow
...Added much needed lighting to both Boykin and Scott Parks
...Issued facade grants for front and rear rehabilitation of local businesses
...Established a Camden Redevelopment Corporation - a non-profit with a solid board of directors
...Filled the city manager position and modernized city staff and their practices
...Completed infrastructure rehabilitation to ensure downtown did not return to the swamp it was in 1818
...Transformed an unsightly parking lot into a Town Green and created a new ordinance to accompany it
...Bond rating upgraded by Moodys, "A" rating by S&P maintained
...Unveiled a new city website in April 2011 to increase communications;  introduced a Camden City app (one of the first cities in SC to do so) to highlight local businesses and events
...Created a "Moment with the Mayor" program ...I am available to you/anyone who wants to share ideas, voice concerns or say hello
...Hired an Urban Forester to keep an eye on the health of the city's countless trees...have you noticed the increased number of tree plantings?

Hired an Archivist to preserve our local history, introduce educational programs and draw tourist to our Camden Archives
...Brought back the Holiday Tree to City Hall...largest in our history presented in 2010
... Strengthened our zoning ordinance to allow greater predictability for development and increased protection of our historic residential areas
... Reestablished communication ties with other government entities of Kershaw County
...Further developed the "big truck" bypass, to enhance the aesthetics and allow for greater functionality of our downtown
...Continued review and adjustments all of our ordinances to ensure state law compliance
...Made Camden a great place to live, to work and to play

In addition, I was born and raised in Camden. After college, my wife, Sara, and I returned to Camden. We are raising our children, Edwards and Bailey, in Camden; and, when our children are grown, we want them to have a wonderful hometown to return to following college. We worship in this town. I am vested in this community, in my hometown.