Cindy Risher

Non-partisan candidate for Clarendon County School District 1.

Occupation: Teacher

Education: B.S.  Elementary Education; M.Ed. Education;  M.A. Human Behavior and Conflict Management

Why should voters choose you in this election? 

I am running for the school board because I want to help make a positive impact upon the students, families, and other community members of Clarendon School District 1. I have been in the field of education for 26 years. While the majority of my time has been spent in the classroom as a teacher, I have also served at the district level as a Grants Administrator and Induction/Mentoring program Coordinator/Instructor. Other professional accomplishments include serving on the SC Math Advisory Panel and co-presenting at a State Formative Assessment Conference.  As stated in the School Board Member Code of Ethics, I would like the opportunity "to work with other board members in a conscientious and courteous manner befitting the public trust placed in the position of school board trustee" to address my platform issues of fiscal responsibility, administrator leadership and accountability, teacher quality and student and parent accountability.