Joan Guy

Democratic candidate for Lexington County Clerk of Court.



Occupation: Registered Nurse

Education: B.A.  Humanities and Social Sciences  U.S.C., A.D.N. Regents College

Experience in Political or Related Positions: First run for political office. More than 10 years nurse management, to include multiple clinics, approximately 100 nurses, developing policy and procedures, assist legal, appraisals, schedules, staff meetings, on-call, and various other duties. Retired after 25 years with state government.

Why should voters choose you in this election?  

I can bring new and different ideas. I have been the single parent, trying to get child support. I have been the adult student, while raising a child. I have the understanding and education to work with all people. I am a team leader for employees and will work with them to implement new ideas. Working with law enforcement officers, I would like to explore alternatives to non-payment parents, instead of locking up. I would like to involve community and schools in the legal system by providing educational programs and materials to inform them about the court system. The court system should be totally computerized and I will make this a priority. I am the person to bring a strong work ethic, character, and dependability to the courthouse.