MaryGail Douglas

Democratic candidate for S.C. House of Representatives District 41


Occupation: Retired (Executive Director, Fairfield County Council on Aging)

Education: USC School of Nursing

Experience in Political or Related Positions:
Director of the local Council on Aging from 1980-1997. Extensive budget experience in the state/federal funding areas. During that time, we organized a state association that later guided critical legislation to successful completion. Became acquainted with the process and what is involved in getting laws passed. Served two terms as president of that association. Selected as a charter member of the Eldercare Trust Fund and served in that capacity for three years.

Why should voters choose you in this election?
I will be responsive to the constituents of District 41. (District 41 includes: Fairfield County, a
portion of Chester County, and part of Lake Carolina in northeast Richland County.) My strengths include: an ability to work with and for people and bring a voice for those I represent; listening to the ideas of others; sound decision-making skills after gathering the info needed to make a decision. Voters are looking for people who are willing to get a job done and drop the "partydrama."
There is a lot of work to do, and I have the time to do it. When I need answers to questions, I'll search out credible resources for information. When I find that I have messed up with a decision, I'll claim it as my error. I strongly believe in total transparency. The chairs in our State
House belong to the people of this state. Those chairs are on loan. I will remind myself of that fact often and will carry out the responsibility of working for the people of District 41 in an honorable way.