Chuck Hill

Republican candidate for S.C. House District 76.



Occupation:Executive Pastor and Web Developer

Education: Bachelor of Science in church leadership from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Fla.

Experience in Political or Related Positions: Only volunteer experience in politics; seven years in ministry; and eight years in small business

Why should voters choose you in this election? We need someone who genuinely cares about people who is willing to go the extra mile and work with both parties to ensure the right thing gets done for our community. I have devoted my life to service and regardless of the outcome in November, I will still be here working to make our State a better place to be and raise a family. I am in a unique position to provide effective leadership for House District 76 because I know how to work together with all sorts of people, I have a passion for people, and because I am young and thus have "no strings attached." I am a fast and energetic learner and will listen to the needs and concerns of all voters. To date, I have knocked on nearly 4,000 doors not just to get out the vote, but to listen and communicate my availability to our residents.