Moryah Jackson

Non-partisan candidate for Richland County School District One.



Occupation: Apprenticeship Consultant with the South Carolina Technical College System


  • High School Diploma – Ridge View High School '00;
  • Bachelor of Art – Columbia College ‘04;
  • Master of Public Administration – University of South Carolina ‘06;
  • Doctorate in Higher Education Administration – University of Florida ‘13 (anticipated)

Experience in Political or Related Positions: This is the first time I have run for political office.  However, the following is my relevant experience in public education:

Professional Experience:

  • Student Enrollment Coordinator, Midlands Technical College; 9 months
  • Director of Community Outreach, Midlands Technical College; 5 years
  • Apprenticeship Consultant, South Carolina Technical College System; 1 year

Community Experience:

  • 2011 South Carolina Education Policy Fellow; 1 year
  • Eastminster Presbyterian Church CHAMPS Program (Communities Helping Assisting and Motivating Promising Students); 10 years
  • Richland One Lunch Buddy - S. Kilbourne Elementary School; 3 years
  • Secretary, Logan Elementary School Improvement Council; 2 years
  • Community Representative, Logan Elementary School Improvement Council; 1 year
  • Created Middle School Matters – Gibbes Middle School; 1 year
  • 2011 Richland One Principal for a Day -Arden Elementary School
  • 2012 Richland One Principal for a Day - W.A. Perry Middle School
  • Community Representative,  East Point Academy School Improvement Council; 1 year
  • FIRST Lego League Coach - East Point Academy; 1 year
  • Co-Chair, Logan Elementary School Improvement Council; 1 year
  • Richland One Policy Advisory Committee; 1 year
  • Midlands Education and Business Alliance (MEBA); 7 years
  • College Summit Writing Coach; 1 summer session – 4 days
  • College Summit College Counselor; 1 summer session – 4 days

Board Experience:

  • Reach Out and Read; 1 year
  • South Carolina Education Policy Fellowship; 1 year
  • Central Midlands Council of Governments – Richland County; 1 year
  • Two Notch Development Corporation;  10 months
  • City of Columbia, Planning Commission; 4 months

Why should voters choose you in this election?

The status quo in Richland One is failing to provide thousands of students the education they need to have the future they deserve and it is adversely impacting our community. This is unacceptable.  But it does not have to be this way.  We know what needs to be done to improve education in Richland One.  The question is, "Do we have the political will to change?"

I stand for a student-first agenda in which every decision in Richland One will be made based on what is best for children, period.  It is time school board members stopped using their position for personal and political gain at the expense of students, teachers, parents, and taxpayers.  It should not and cannot take twenty years to improve education; we are losing students daily.

I understand the connection between education and economic vitality through my career in post-secondary education.  More importantly, as the mother of a second grader and 4-year-old kindergartner, I understand how education policy impacts families and student learning. I am ready to ask the hard questions and make tough decisions.

A vote for me is a vote to put students first in education policy in Richland One.