Eva Corley

Non-partisan candidate for Cayce City Council

Occupation: Surgical RN-Specializing in Pediatrics

Education: Bachelor of Science in nursing

Experience in Political or Related Positions: Operating Nurse Preceptor- three years (training newly hired nurses). Quality Improvement Committee Member- three years (Follows DHEC and JHACO regulations to make the OR a better place to work.

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I should be chosen to be on Cayce City Council because I am a "New Voice, New Vision." I want to get involved in the city and help make decisions. I also want to represent the people of Cayce while on council to make sure their concerns are being heard. I want to be a role model for young adults to get involved with their city to make the future of Cayce a better place. I want to enhance community and economic development by beautifying Cayce in order to attract new businesses and restaurants.

I feel it is important to invest in public safety by ensuring employees have the equipment, training, and manpower they need in order to perform their job effectively. I believe that my hard work, attention to detail, patience, responsiveness, perseverance, a big heart, and an open mind will be essential in leading our community.