Beth Bernstein

Democratic candidate for S.C. House of Representatives District 78.



Occupation: Attorney

Education: University of Georgia, BA, 1991; University of South Carolina School of Law, JD, 1994

Experience in Political or Related Positions:
This is my first run for a political office. I have held several leadership positions, including serving as president of the Richland County Bar Association, which has a membership of approximately 2,000 attorneys who reside in the Columbia area.

Why should voters choose you in this election?
It's time to elect honest, ethical leadership that cares less about party affiliation and self-interest and more about producing positive results for South Carolina families. I pledge to work with members of both parties in finding common sense solutions to move South Carolina forward. Funding the key functions of government and cutting waste will be my mission. I also will push hard for real ethics reform in all branches of government and have unveiled a Seven-Point Ethics Reform Package.

This community is dear to my heart. I was born and raised in this District, and my husband and I have chosen the same for our children. I will be a vocal advocate for this community, not just a bystander. Protecting, preserving, and improving our quality of life will be my number one priority.