Amy Ditolla

Non-partisan candidate for Lexington 2 School Board Trustee

Occupation: Information Specialist, MLIS

Education: Masters in Library and Information Science University of South Carolina

Why should voters choose you in this election?
I'm a concerned citizen focused on keeping our low property tax base in Lexington 2 while advocating for high-quality student services, which the community can economically support. I am proud of Lexington 2 for it's continued ability to provide a high quality education despite the challenges of the current economy.

My three main issues are:

1. Adequately staff all district media centers- reading is fundamental. The school library must be properly staffed with a highly qualified librarian and support staff to aid educators in the challenges of overcoming reading underachievement and student illiteracy, a critical challenge for Lexington 2.

2. Competitively reinstate the National Board Certified Teacher stipend. A NBCT stipend is critical to ensure we are not losing our best teachers to neighboring school districts who recognize the value of this hard to achieve certification status. I also believe the NBCT stipend should be a standardized step in the salary schedule. 

3. No school enrollment fees. These fees cause undue financial burden on families who already pay school property taxes and special curricular activity fees, and then who also have to fund-raise for special projects. Our extremely low tax base still netted revenue that exceeded last year's district wide expenses by about one million dollars. The district can afford to stop asking families to pay school attendance fees.