Joyce Jones Parrish

Non-partisan candidate for Calhoun County School District 4.


Occupation: Teacher/Richland One (Hand Middle) / Retired principal (Calhoun County)

Education: Master's degree plus 30 hours (additional hours in educational administration)

Experience in Political or Related Positions: School board member – Four years

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I am an educator, who strongly believes in and supports public school education. I am a product of public school education and so is my son.

I retired in 1997, after having worked in education for 30 years, 18 of those years in Calhoun County Schools, with 12.5 years being an elementary principal. I left the county briefly and moved to Columbia, but returned during the latter part 2000. While in Columbia, I became a volunteer for AmeriCorp VISTA, working as a reading tutor in the elementary schools of Richland District One. I also found time to organize an after-school program for the local church I attended.

Upon returning to St. Matthews, I found myself back in the midst of Calhoun County Schools. I loved it! I served as a teacher assistant, an elementary resource teacher and even as a middle school teacher, anywhere the district needed my services. Presently, I am a teacher in Richland District One at Hand Middle School. For about seven years prior to my deciding to run for a seat on our school board, I became a regular attendee at our school board meetings. Once deciding, I knew that my background and experiences as an educator, as well as, my consistent attendance at our board meetings, prepared me for this position.

I am responsible, dedicated, committed and professional, one who practices fairness for all. I believe in "Children First." I believe that the responsibilities of a board member should be taken seriously and a board member should know the scope of his/her responsibilities, and work diligently to fulfill these responsibilities.

For the past four years, I have attended and learned from the many training sessions of the South Carolina School Boards Association, which I believe, have made me an even more effective and competent school board member. I believe a board member should be an advocate for public school education. I believe that my record and experiences as an educator speak for me; that my record for the past four years as a member of Calhoun County School District Board speaks for me.

I am exceedingly proud of Calhoun County School District and the progress our District continues to make! I support the focus of our School District, "Teaching and Learning." If elected to serve four more years on our School Board, voters can trust me to perform my job effectively, responsibly, and fairly; guided by the knowledge that I will be an advocate for "Children, First."