Brent Powers

Non-partisan candidate for Lexington County School District 1.

Occupation: Chief medical officer at Lexington Medical Center

Education: Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from Wake Forest University; MD from Bowman Gray School of Medicine; and MBA-finance from Babcock Graduate School of Management

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I believe in education.

I am a product of the public school system. It is where I earned enough AP credit to enroll in college as a sophomore and learned important life lessons through my participation in high school sports.

I believe that the public school system serves as the backbone of the local economy and the heart of the local culture. Strong public schools foster prosperity as parents and business owners choose to raise their families and locate their businesses in communities that provide a better future for their children. Strong public schools foster community as the school-based sports and performance arts activities bring different factions in a community closer together for a common purpose.

We live in a public world and should continue to invest in our public schools. If elected to school board, I will work to prepare our students to be productive working members of our community-either through a vocational career or a continued collegiate education.