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School, community remember life of teen football player

Ronald Rouse Ronald Rouse

Friends, family members, and schoolmates honored the life of Ronald Rouse, the Hartsville High School football player who died Friday night due to a heart issue during the game against Crestwood.

This is an emotional time for Hartsville, but the people in the community are holding onto to each other.

Inside of Wednesday's service, you felt the love for Rouse -- a young man who was respected and had an inner light that many say you couldn't miss.

His teammates and football coach recalled how he was a motivating force and said he was more like a brother than just a friend.

But perhaps Rouse's pastor put it best when he told the crowd while Hartsville was having a homecoming, so was the Lord as he opened the gates of heaven for Rouse.

About 2,000 people attended the service and they are plans to honor Rouse again this Friday when his teammates will wear his number 74 on their undershirts and helmets during their game.

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