Perspective: A WIS editorial on criticizing television anchors

What is it about being on television that makes people think they can judge you?  When you walk into a store, do you criticize the way their store is laid out?  Or tell your favorite restaurant what to put on the menu?  How about suggesting that your banker put highlights in his or her hair ?  Probably not.

You may have seen the video that recently went viral of a news anchor who responded on air to a viewer email commenting on her weight.  She was mad as heck and not gonna take it anymore.   She was allowed  to vent on the air, and her anti-bullying message was masterful.

I know, you might say, look, you're in the public eye, just put your big girl panties on and deal with it. But while we invite and appreciate viewer feedback, sometimes it's just bullying. Even a well-meaning viewer can reduce a seasoned professional to tears with a harshly critical comment.

The bottom line is this - our viewers are our customers.  We care about and strive to serve our customers while maintaining a professional attitude and appearance.  So next time you are tempted to email or call an on-air personality to pass judgement, just make sure it's constructive criticism and not just a frivolous or vicious jab.

That's my perspective.