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Parents, students ask school district to re-think uniform policy

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Parents of students at a Sumter school are concerned about a uniform policy.

Students at Furman Middle School are expected to wear khakis, with navy or white shirts. Belts, belt buckles, shoes and socks are all regulated.

Monday night parents and students spoke out a board meeting saying the dress code has not been properly enforced and it's taken the focus off of academics.

"They want to prepare us for the real world but in the real world if you're regulated down to your shoe laces, you would quit," said Christian Compton.

Compton is a straight-A 8th grader at Furman Middle School. He's active in student government and had not missed a day of school this year until he was sent home last week because of his shoes.

"Your shoes have to be either black, brown or white or some combination," said Compton.

Compton's socks are black with a gray Nike swoosh the same shoes he's worn before, without a problem. Monday he spent part of the day in In-School Suspension.

"I find the school spends more time on the dress code than diverting resources to make the school a better place," Compton added.

According to the school policy - the first offense for a dress code violation is an in school suspension.

"I don't understand how this little bit of red can cause a child to go to ISS instead of being in the classroom," said a parent. "Talk to the students hear what they have to say."

A school guidance counselor at the meeting says the policy has been in place since 2009.

"It's just not been enforced," said Furman Guidance Counselor, Cynthia Copeland. "New sheriff in town."

The inconsistent regulation and the stringent standards have both parents and students asking the district to re-think this policy.

The superintendent is required to respond in writing to all the comments that were brought up at the meeting.

There's no word if the policy will be revamped.

We will continue to follow new developments regarding the uniform policy.

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