Beth Dickerson Branham

Non-partisan candidate for Lexington School Board District 2.


Occupation: Attorney

Education: Bachelor of Science in Education (English) from Boston University; Juris Doctor from University of South Carolina School of Law

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Lexington County School District Two Board of Trustees – 12 years

South Carolina School Boards Association Board of Directors – 6 years – (have served as Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-President, and currently nominated as President-Elect)

Why should voters choose you in this election? 

I have experience as a teacher in this district, having taught in the public schools for seven years. I grew up in this community -- I am a product of Lexington School District Two and my children are the fourth generation of students in my family to go to Lexington Two schools. I am a parent -- I currently have four children attending school in the district. I am a taxpayer – I own a home and business located within the district. Experience as a teacher, community member, parent and home/business owner make me uniquely qualified to understand the many facets of the school district. Combining that experience with years of service on the school board makes me a more informed decision-maker on the issues facing our schools. While I have been on the board, the district weathered the toughest economic times our country has faced.  Through good fiscal management, the board has been able to keep the millage rates the lowest in the entire area and was able to provide our employees 2 percent raises and step increases this year. As a result, most of our teachers received close to a 6 percent raise this year.