Karen Lindler

Democratic incumbent for Newberry County Treasurer.

Email: klindler@newberrvcountv.net

Occupation: NewberryCounty Treasurer

Education: Attended Newberry County Public Schools and graduated from Mid-Carolina High School. I attend schools and seminars on taxation at Department of Revenue and University of South Carolina. I attend taxation workshops at Piedmont Technical College, University of South Carolina and Department of Revenue.

Experience in Political or Related Positions: I have had the privilege of working in the Treasure's Office for the past 24 years, the last four years as treasurer. My on-the-job training has given me the experience and qualifications necessary to fulfill the legal responsibilities of the Office of Treasurer, as prescribed by the Code of Laws of South Carolina. I attend schools and seminars on taxation, keeping up with the law changes of South Carolina.

Why should voters choose you in this election? I have had the privilege of serving the taxpayers of Newberry County for the past 24 years. I am proficient, knowledgeable and interpret the state laws that govern the Treasure's Office. I am accustomed to working and have a good relationship with the finance department, administrator and elected officials of Newberry County. I also have a good relationship and work closely with the school finance office and the municipalities. These relationships are imperative to running the Office of Treasurer efficiently. As Treasurer, I am always working for the taxpayers. I will have an open door policy, serving and helping the taxpayers with any need or question they may have.