Dwight Stewart Jr.

Democratic incumbent for Clarendon County Council Chairman.

Email: dstewart@dwightstewart.com

Occupation: Consulting Forester

Education: Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Clemson University

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Council member for the Town of Summerton-20 years; Clarendon County Council Chairman-12 years (including 2012)

Why should voters choose you in this election?

I have the experience and dedication to serve the citizens of Clarendon County. I am a small business owner, a taxpayer in the county, a father and a grandfather. Any decision that Council makes affects my family and me, also. Clarendon County is one of the few rural counties that showed a population increase from 2000-2010, according to the U.S. Census. Clarendon County Council is visionary, progressive, fiscally conservative and all inclusive in its decisions affecting our county.