Susan Brill

Non-partisan candidate for Richland County School District 2 board.


Occupation: Community volunteer

Education: Bachelor of Arts in History from the University of North Carolina with a minor in Secondary Education.

Experience in Political or Related Positions:

Member of Richland County Council for two terms from 1997 to 2004 representing Northeast Richland County – 7 years

Member of the Richland District 2 School Board for two terms from 2006 to 2012 – 6 years. I am currently serving as Vice Chair.

Why should voters choose you in this election?

My experience as a parent, volunteer, county council member and school board member has taught me the importance of listening to and helping my constituents. I am available and open to assisting anyone who needs my help. There are many new opportunities and challenges which public education faces, and I feel that my background gives me the experience that will be needed to start work on day one. That's why I am asking for your vote Nov. 6.