Vernon Pylant

Non-partisan candidate for Fairfield County Council District 2.


Occupation: Retired from AT&T/Bellsouth 30 years service. Currently, part-time employee with Duke Energy.

Education:High school graduate. One year technical training.

Experience in Political or Related Positions: No previous political experience. Management experience in business for 20 years.

Why should voters choose you in this election?

My goals are to help the residents of Fairfield County. We need to improve the following areas:

  1. Tax reform-We have the third highest tax rate in the state.
  2. Central water authority-We need water to grow our economy.
  3. Jobs-We have very high unemployment. We must become more business friendly.
  4. Educational improvements-We need parental involvement and improved discipline in our schools.                                              

Accomplishing these goals will create a better environment for all the residents of our county.