Wes Howard

Conservative Petition Candidate for Lexington County Council District 3.

Email: weshoward@ymail.com               

Website: www.voteweshoward.com        

Occupation: 911 Paramedic

Education: B.S. in Political Science, Lander University

Why should voters choose you in this election?

The voters in District Three for Lexington County Council should choose me as our next representative because it's time our families and small businesses had a voice on Council. I often tell folks as I have walked through the district that I am running and asking them for their votes to be our representative, not their councilman. We have nine of those now, and most certainly don't need another.

I am the only candidate that has been politically active for several years in our community, thus causing me to have an understanding of how this current Council operates and how wasteful they have been with our resources. I have tried to work with them but they have their own agenda that doesn't represent, nor benefit, our families and businesses. I have also been a paramedic with our county for almost 10 years. In that capacity, I have seen our Council spend the hard earned tax dollars of our community on things like golf umbrellas with the county seal on them, liquor decanters, wooden engraved pen sets, leather bound portfolios with the county seal embossed on them, sippy cups, lunches bags, catering, lobbyists, lobbying organizations, Millions on the Pelion airport "to nowhere," and almost $300,000 on trees, shrubs and a water fountain at the courthouse and county administrative building in the worst economy since The Great Depression.

I have also seen, as well as, experienced their neglect of our public safety departments, all the while they were publicly claiming to support them. They have purchased dangerous and overly expensive ambulances, to the tune of tens of thousands of Dollars. You could buy two conventional, safe, ambulances for the cost of one of the dangerous International type. They have neglected our fire department for decades by having out dated and dangerously exhausted equipment, namely the fire apparatus, in our fire houses. They have also left the fire staff at dangerously low levels, having one firefighter in many of the local fire houses on each shift. I know there have been private citizens that have held fundraisers for our sheriff's department for needed equipment. I, personally find this to be completely immoral. Our public safety is the basic function of our county government, yet the priorities of our current Council has left this aspect cast to the side, while they chose to grotesquely waste our hard earned tax dollars of the other above mentioned items.

The combination of my political participation in our community and my experience as a paramedic serving the families of Lexington County has prepared me to be a member of Council that is ready on day one to bring the attitude of service back to our Council. I call myself a "Commonsense Conservative" because I know that there are needed services that should be funded, but there is now a scheme of over taxation taking place here in Lexington County. Because I understand how our public safety works I know what it is they need to perform their duties and  keep our families safe. This does not mean that I believe we should throw money at our public safety departments, or any other departments. I am not one who believes that is appropriate in any situation in life, whether it is personal, professional, or in our public life, to do this. Our families and small businesses deserve the best that can be afforded. As a student of our county's budget I know there is ample tax revenue to provide for the needed services and provide a tax cut to the citizenry.

I would also add that Lexington County should have members of our Council that understand that the position they hold is one of honor and should be used for the public good, not personal gain. I do not believe that our county government should be the personal employment agency of Council members' family, or those of other elected officials. Nor, should it be considered to be a revenue stream for the cronies of those that win elections.

Lexington County is a wonderful place to live, raise our families, and open businesses, but we have a lot of work ahead of us to return our Council to a position that serves the citizens, provides opportunity for entrepreneurs, stops the grotesquely wasteful spending and keeps our families safe.