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A preview of the first debate of the Presidential election

In 34 days, most people in the Midlands will make their choice for President.

Will what's said during the debate Wednesday night by President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney make a difference? Probably not, experts say.

"A large percentage of the population has already made up their mind," said USC political science professor Dr. Robert Oldendick.

Unless questions get personal for communities, experts say, most voters won't be easy to sway.

"If a question comes up and the candidates are forced to answer the question,  'Well, what are you going to do about cutting the military? Are you going to cut it how does that phase into your balancing the budget?' then I think that's an issue that may play differently in South Carolina," said Dr. Oldendick.

Republicans expect Governor Romney to hit hard on the economy.

"23-million Americans looking for jobs and Mitt Romney's got a plan as a small business guy himself, to fix that," said South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore.

The President expected to push back for the Governor to get specific with Americans.

"What the President has to I think nail down is this candidate that resembles Jello is what do you believe what is your plan?" said South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman Dick Harpootlian.  "Are you pro-choice or pro-life? Are you for guns against guns? Are you for a mandate against a mandate?"

The Wednesday night debate is the first of three match ups. If there aren't fireworks or fiery one liners, experts say most could tune out before it's over.

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