Perspective: A WIS editorial on getting a flu shot

When the air turns crisp, the humidity drops, and our minds turn to football….few of us want to think about flu season, but it officially begins next month and peaks around January.

To many, the flu is just an annoying fact of life this time of year, but it can be deadly for the elderly and those with weakened immune systems.  One easy preventative measure is to get a flu shot.  You should check with your family doctor first, however, to see if flu shots represent more of a risk to you than actually contracting the flu.

Perhaps your company offers free flu shots to employees as ours does, but you can get one at many area drug stores, county health centers or from your family doctor for a nominal fee.  You can also take other precautions by washing your hands frequently, covering you mouth when sneezing and do your friends, family and co-workers a favor by staying home in bed if you do come down with the flu.

Flu shot or not…it's your choice…but here's wishing you well this flu season.

That's my perspective.  What's yours?