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Little Man Boot Camp helps develop character early

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Little Man Boot Camp Little Man Boot Camp

It's all fun and games. Little boys releasing steam after a full morning of dealing with the rigors of pre-kindergarten.

Little do they know the "boot camp" mom signed them up for has a deeper lesson  the "little men" never saw coming.

"It's specifically designed to teach them character awareness and character development," said Mike Harmon, the owner of Edgeucoaching. "Tools all men should have."

Harmon is part General Patton, part Paddington Bear.

Today's task: learning self-control.  Fighting the impulses that every little bone in their little bodies tell them to do.

"They do need to show self control, be trusted when given a task, to go down the hallway without being supervised," said Harmon.

Harmon has walked that hallway. As an elementary teacher, he's seen kids struggle with social skills and how that effects learning academic skills.

It's part of the reason he branched out and started Edgeucoaching, a program designed to teach life skills.

"As a male educator I believe I have a huge influence on other parents' children" said Harmon. "I bring myself to the equation different than anyone else. I have a passion for it. I'm not trying to replace what's being taught at home, just supplement it."

In Little Man Boot Camp, boys learn what character means and how to develop it, once a week for 45 minutes.

"Self control, courage, trust, honor," said Harmon. "Teaching boys lessons through activities they can move about."

Movement is a must for the boys and the moms.

Abney Durham knows what it's like to raise boys. She has two.

"As a mom I feel like a broken record," she said. "That my rules aren't not being heard at home."

Sometimes hearing the rules from someone other than mom and dad makes the difference.

"Being aware of who you are as a person and making better decisions so ultimately you'll be more successful in the future," said Harmon.

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