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60-year-old woman could spend time in jail over messy yard

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A 60-year-old woman is facing jail time because city officials say her yard is a total mess. She's been banned from living there and neighbors say the clutter has to go.

Neighbors say it's a messy situation inside the house and sometimes it shows up on the outside.

Recent cell phone video shot by a neighbor shows just how bad it can get at the home on Clark Street. City crews removed items from the homeowners front yard.

"Sometimes there is a smell -- a stench," said neighbor Eddie Glenn-Bryant.

Glenn-Bryant says the junk has been there too long.

"People come to see you and the first thing they want to know is what's going on here," Glenn-Bryant said.

Glenn-Bryant says neighbors in the Earlewood community have tried for years to get the homeowner, Debbie Roberts, to clean up.

"Her house is completely full. No room, no space in there," Glenn-Bryant said.

The drama with Roberts has been going for about six years. When we first told you about her in 2008, she said medical issues and marital problems kept her from keeping the place neat. We tried to talk to her on Thursday, but she's living elsewhere and recovering from surgery.

Since 2011, the city has cleaned up the property four times at a $4,500 cost she will have to pay. The most recent cleaning came Wednesday.

"My husband came out to talk to the men working and he looked down and saw a roach on his leg," Glenn-Bryant said.

According to the city, this spring, the 60-year-old was found guilty of sanitation violation. We're told once she will spend 60 days in jail once she is released from a doctor's care.

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