Rescued puppies and dogs looking for homes - - Columbia, South Carolina

Rescued puppies and dogs looking for homes


Finally - comfort and care - for dozens of puppies and dogs rescued from a puppy mill in South Carolina.

Jose Ortega, Vice President of Operations at the Humane Society of Charlotte, says "this is a second chance for them".

76 dogs, a variety of breeds and some mixes, arrived at the Humane Society of Charlotte Friday night - ten days after they were rescued from a life of animal squalor. Emergency officials say the woman who owned the puppies and dogs had them living in cages with wire floors, and eating food with feces.

At the Humane Society of Charlotte, where workers talked to the animals and put them in warm cages, most of the dogs are in good condition. Callie Rutzinski, the animal care manager, says "with skin and fur.. see some skin issues." But she says overall, "they look good, happy, a little stressed - but definitely happy."

Ortega says the puppies are coming along - considering they didn't have human interaction. He says "it's a learning process to get used to human affection, human contact and actually knowing what it is to be a pet."

Dozens of puppies are avalable for adoption at the Charlotte Humane Society Saturday and Sunday.

Vets have been evaluating them and most are ready to be put up for adoption or sent to fister homes. The agency's director says these puppies are in better medical condition than most that they've seen that come in from puppy mills.

76 dogs came in and 39 have been adopted with 20 others in foster homes. 17 are still up for adoption.

Anyone who wants to adopt one of the puppies or dogs can visit the Humane Society of Charlotte between 11a-5p or log on to the Humane Society's web site.

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