Added security leads to long lines again at Panthers' game - - Columbia, South Carolina

Added security leads to long lines again at Bank of America Stadium


Fans at Thursday's panthers game faced long lines once again at the security checkpoint.

The reason?  Tighter security measures. Not only do fans face pat downs, but they also will be checked by a hand-held metal detector and made to empty their pockets.

Security officials told WBTV it's in an effort to search for weapons --even the often overlooked pocket knives.

But the lines didn't become massive until about 45 minutes before kick-off Thursday. Before then, the flow was steady, the wait time minimal.

"I was expecting to wait in line," said Jeffrey Griffin, an avid Panthers fan.

He drove down from Hickory with his grandson and said after hearing about the monster lines at Sunday's game, he wasn't taking any chances.

"I gave myself an hour to get through the line," said Griffin.

But fans like Diane Padgett, a season ticket holder, don't mind the added security.

"We try not bring bags that we have to go through the check in line," she said. "I'd rather be safe and secure in the stadium so I don't mind."

No one knows that better than Norelle Iyer who got caught in those long lines on Sunday.

"It was very crowded we missed 30 minutes of the game," she recalled.

Iyer said she's learned her lesson and added, "we'll be going in earlier tonight." 

Still, Griffin points out going through security checkpoints no matter where you are a just way of life.

"We just had the DNC here and security is very important and I want to be safe when I come to the ball games," he said.

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