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Bishopville councilman accuses mayor, administrator of misconduct

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At a Bishopville town council meeting on Tuesday night, the mayor and the city administrator were both asked to step down after being accused of misconduct in office.

The two officials are now facing questions about their use of city-issued credit cards.

The city administrator, Gregg McCutchen, says for years, he and the mayor have had access to city credit cards. It's just the way it's always been. But now, one council member is calling that into question.

About two weeks ago, City Councilman Craig Nesbit found out the city has three credit cards: one for Mayor Boyd, one for McCutchen, and one for general council use.

Some of the mayor's credit card purchases include a stop at CVS for 44.95, a trip to a local Shell gas station for $4.31 cents, and even car washes.

Another charge on one of the credit cards was an expense for a $668.72 restaurant tab during an annual city conference trip to Hilton Head last year.

So what is the right way of using the cards? Nesbit says they would be used at the discretion of the mayor, the city administrator, or the council for city business.

It's not clear from the statements if any of the purchases are in fact related to city business.

McCutchen approves all purchases, including his own, and he says no one has been required to submit receipts.

Nesbit says, for the past few years, it seems like McCutchen has been cutting blank checks.

The Hilton Head trip already included a more than $400 stipend for food and mileage. Nesbit says the expensive dinner out should not have been charged. One former council member who sat in the audience Tuesday night was in disbelief. That's why Nesbit called for their resignations.

"I don't have any trust in you at all anymore," Nesbit said to council. "You breached the integrity of the city of Bishopville and the integrity of yourself."

Boyd and McCutchen both refused to step down.

"I intend to be the Mayor of Bishopville until 2016," Boyd said to Nesbit.

"I was hired to do this job, and I plan to stay at this job," said McCutchen. "I have no intentions of leaving here."

An incident report has been filed with the city police department and will be investigated by the State Law Enforcement Division. The police chief says the two potential crimes are embezzlement on public funds and misconduct in office. Both McCutchen and Boyd chose not to speak on camera. The mayor says he wanted to seek legal counsel first.

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