Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Video gambling

Video gambling, poker machines, sweepstakes machines -- whatever you choose to call them, they're considered illegal in our state. But, that doesn't seem to stop folks from using them. After all, video gambling used to be legal, and based on our recent WIS investigation, some of our elected officials still seem to think it is.

What about our current laws on gambling? The lottery, BINGO, horse racing…all are forms of legal gambling in our state. If South Carolina were to consider legalizing video gambling, there would need to be controls on the industry and a way to put profits to good use. The South Carolina Education Lottery provides students with scholarship money…. Can video gambling revenues do something similar?

State lawmakers need to clarify the current ambiguities in our gambling laws. Video gambling is going unchecked in many parts of our state and revenues are lining the pockets of private interests. Either shut them down or legalize this industry and do as Senator Knotts has said "take money from the devil and make it do God's will".

That's my Perspective. What's yours?