Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Augusta National

I'd say Darla Moore got her just desserts…she might have been kicked off the USC board of trustees, but now she's one of the first female members of Augusta National.

I'm not quite sure how to take this groundbreaking news…it's sad that in the 21st century it's big news that women are finally granted membership to this storied golf club. But that's the way Augusta National rolls, and they couldn't have chosen two more iconic individuals. Condoleeza Rice and Darla Moore are strong, smart, accomplished women. …and they weren't chosen because they are CEO's of a potential sponsor for the Masters Tournament . This decision was most likely prompted by the club's refusal to grant membership to the female CEO of this past year's sponsor, IBM, even though they have traditionally inducted CEO's…all male.

If membership in this club is really about access to power and the places where deals and money are made as Ms. Burk of the National council of Women's Organization claims, then they chose the right women. Darla Moore is a savvy businesswoman who knows her way around the corporate world, and Condi Rice has negotiated with the toughest players in the international world. So I'd say both of them could teach those stuffy old men at Augusta National a thing or two.

Welcome to the club, ladies. Now when they invite you to the ladies tees, they won't mean the one with crumpets.

That's my perspective.