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"She's worth the fight." -- Search for Swainson enters day 30


For the past 30 days, the faith of missing 15-year-old Gabbiee Swainson's family has been tested as the search for the teen creeps into a new month.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department, the FBI, and the community have all been involved in the search, but still, no Gabbiee.

Gabbiee's family says they have not and will not give up hope.

Bits and pieces of evidence come in, tips are called, in but nothing that's brought Gabbiee home and that's what the family wants.

While the days get longer, family members still hold on tightly to the hope that the missing teen is still alive. It's that faith that continues to drive the search.

Gabbiee's aunt, Zoraida Turnipseed, calls the day her niece disappeared "hell day." Life hasn't gotten much better since.

Turnipseed has sifted through garbage, searched through crawl spaces, and abandoned buildings in the search.

"I can't pass a trash can. I can't pass a trash bag without stopping and pulling over and opening it," Turnipseed said.

"We've searched the railroad tracks, we've searched the junkyards, we've searched the street -- Kelly Street -- that Mr. Grant lived on."

Turnipseed has also taken weeks off of work.

"Every waking minute that my eyes are open I'm looking for my niece," Turnipseed said. "I'm looking to bring her home."

Her brother is Gabbiee's father. He's also been struggling to find his daughter.

"Everyday he hears her saying, 'Daddy will you come find me?' And that's what he's set out to do and I know he's not going to stop," said Turnipseed.

While she wishes the suspect, Freddie Grant, would open up to investigators, she says Grant is not her concern.

"Oh my gosh, I just want to love on her so much," said Turnipseed. "That's my focus. And I'll have my day to do that."

In the end, she wants to make sure Gabbiee is not forgotten.

"Don't let Gabbiee fall by the wayside because she's worth it," said Turnipseed. "She's worth the fight. She really is."

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