Meet Len's trainer and nutritionist - - Columbia, South Carolina

Meet Len's trainer and nutritionist

Neil Derrick Neil Derrick
Leré Robinson Leré Robinson

Neil Derrick - trainer

Neil Derrick was born in Columbia. He has been the owner of Personal Fitness by Neil Derrick 3215 Devine Street since 1996.

Derrick worked at the Columbia YMCA from 1981-1996.

He has earned degrees from Anderson College and the University of South Carolina.

He served in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves.

His interests include: running/exercise, baseball and baseball memorabilia, target shooting, and acrylic painting.

Derrick also owns and operates Rustic Folk Art by Neil Derrick.

Neil has been married to his wife, Kim, for 16 years. They live in Shandon with their three cats and are members of Shandon Baptist Church.



Leré Robinson - nutritionist

Leré Robinson, founder of Alive Again!, LLC, is passionate about family health. A nutritional consultant since 1997, Leré has a heart for reaching people where they live. Through life-affirming education and inspiration, Leré has helped countless families take their focus off of diets and denial and embrace the benefits of balance and health.

In 1997, Leré completed a course on the different systems in the body, presented by Joan van Rensburg in Pretoria, South Africa. She is currently doing the Natural Health and Nutrition Course offered by the International Academy of Natural Health and Wellness. She is doing both the NHN and the NHC Courses.

A native of South Africa, the wife of a missionary and the mother of three, Leré never asks anyone to walk a road she hasn't travelled. Her public seminars and private consultations are custom-designed to meet individual needs and circumstances and to richly bless anyone seeking wisdom in how to make the foods they eat work for them. She lives in Irmo, SC, USA together with her husband and three daughters.


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