Perspective: A WIS editorial on The New Nick

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing a movie in the new Nickelodeon Theatre on Main Street. Everything you always loved about the Nick is still intact -- great, eclectic films, casual friendly atmosphere, popcorn, a warm personal welcome, and introduction before the film from a live human being -- but now there's much more to love. State of the art digital projection and sound, 99 comfortable theatre seats, a real lobby and concession stand, and separate bathrooms for men and women IN the lobby! No more unisex facilities in the back of the theatre.

The new Nick just opened a couple of weeks ago, but they already have plans for expansion with a second theatre upstairs, collaborations for post-film discussion and workshops, and even their own beer & wine license!

What an accomplishment for the Columbia Film Society and their successful capital campaign. The Nickelodeon is a cultural gem in our community and the only non-profit art house film theatre in South Carolina. Every year over 25,000 people enjoy the Nick's film fare, and those numbers will only grow in this new venue. For a menu of upcoming films, how to become a member, and much more about the New Nickelodeon Theatre, go to . Enjoy the movie!

That's my perspective. Let me hear from you.