Police: Grant had history of domestic abuse against another woman

Adriana Laster
Adriana Laster

ELGIN, SC (WIS) - More and more information is coming out about Freddie Grant's past. Based on his criminal record, incident reports, and a conversation with one of his ex-wives, Grant has a history of abusing women.

Grant has been connected with at least two missing females -- 15-year-old Gabbiee Swainson and Adriana Laster.

Adriana lived with Grant and disappeared more than a year ago. Family members say Adriana met Grant about five years ago.

Their relationship began in Miami and she later moved to South Carolina with him.

"Every night when I lay down I only imagine where she could be," said Adriana's sister, Quincy Laster. "What's going on? Where is she? What are they doing to her? Is she alive?"

Quincy lives in Alabama. The last time she talked to Adriana was in August, more than a year ago.

"I'm sure the last time I talked to her my final words to her were, 'Come home,'" said Quincy.

Quincy says Adriana would call her and say Grant was beating her.

"She called and told me he broke her ankle or she woke up and there were teeth missing," Quincy said. "I pleaded for her to come home and come back to me, but she just felt like she could handle their situation and she wanted to handle it where she was the safest and sadly to say the safest never came for her."

Elgin police say Adriana filed multiple reports against Grant. In April, she told an officer Grant poured some sort of fuel on her in the car, and that he slammed her head into a brick wall on the side of his house.

Even more injuries came to Adriana -- to her leg, "golf ball sized knot on her left forehead", "scratches on her cheek", "bottom lip busted", scratches to her wrist and more. And the report indicates, at the time, Adriana was three months pregnant.

"When she came in I said, 'You a mess.' She said, 'This is the way Fred left me,'" said Dank Belton, Grant's neighbor.

Belton says he and his wife tried to drive Adriana to Sistercare, an organization that helps abused women, but she would not go.

"When you know somebody for 15 years and you think that you're friends, maybe I'm looking at it from a friend's standpoint of what I thought he was but I'm hoping she's still alive," Belton said.

No one has seen Adriana since last September.

"I do hope that my sister come home one day and if not home one day then I need Freddie to tell me where she is so I can bring her home," Quincy said.

Officials say it was not uncommon for Adriana to disappear for just a few days, but Elgin Police Chief Harold Brown says he does not believe Adriana is gone now by choice. He also says there's little evidence and few leads in the case.

If you know anything that can help find Adriana or Gabbiee, call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

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