Hundreds turn out for vigil for missing teen

Gabbiee's mother attends vigil for missing daughter
Gabbiee's mother attends vigil for missing daughter

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The community continues to rally around the family of missing teenager Gabbiee Swainson. Another vigil was held for the 15-year-old in the Lake Carolina community Tuesday night.

"She was a really sweet, nice girl," said Gabbiee's classmate Hunter Porter. "We were really close friends, and I pray for her almost every night hoping that she returns safe."

Earlier Tuesday Gabbiee's mother, Elvia Swainson, said on the phone they were sitting down with the sheriff's office, talking about how the investigation moves forward. She doesn't want the community to forget or lose sight of the search for her daughter.

Elvia Swainson attended the vigil Tuesday. She is thankful for the community's continued support.

Swainson said she's very encouraged by events like the vigil Tuesday, saying it shows the community is still supporting the effort to find Gabbiee. Organizers agree.

"She has touched all of us just by being a part of our community so when you ask the question, 'Do you know Gabbiee,' if you know a teenager, if you know a Ridge View High School student, then in some way, we have all known her," said organizer Terri Brown.

Students at Ridge View High School named this Gabbiee week and wore blue Tuesday in support of their missing classmate. They'll also wear plaid and bow ties in support of the 15-year-old.

Mueller Road Middle School was taking donations and students will wear paper bow-ties on Friday.

"When I see my teenage daughter and spend time with her I can't help but think about Gabbiee and how her mom must be feeling in her absence," said Brown.

Ridge View High School students attended the Tuesday vigil.

"Gabbie was a part of the cheer leading community of the northeast a lot of the surrounding high schools will be here, the cheerleaders will be here in support and they'll have on their cheer leading shirts," said Brown.

They want the Swainsons to know Gabbiee's community won't give up on finding her or supporting the family.

"It's definitely our responsibility to come together this is one of ours. The day should not be where we view each other as just individuals that you have to go through life alone we are a part of each other. This has affected all of us in some way or another," said Brown.

Swainson asks anyone who might have seen Gabbiee or Freddie Grant on August 18th to call Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

There's still the matter of the gag order filed last week by Freddie Grant's defense team. Grant is charged with kidnapping and a weapon's charge. There's been no hearing scheduled.

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