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Gabbiee's father appeals for his daughter's return

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Gabbiee Swainson's father, Alvin Thompson Gabbiee Swainson's father, Alvin Thompson

"I'm not ever going to give up," said Alvin Thompson. "No one should ever give up on someone if there's hope."

Thompson calls himself a foot soldier in the search for his missing 15-year-old daughter, Gabbiee Swainson. He's been looking day and night for her.

"Under the houses, in the alleys, in abandoned buildings, in the ditches," he said.

"I do feel that she is still alive but it ain't gonna be long," said Thompson. "It ain't gonna be long. We got to find her before it's too late."

Thompson lives in Virginia and has eight kids. All of them are grown except Gabbiee.  He doesn't see his youngest daughter often but said he's always been in Gabbiee's life.

"We all got along great when we talked," he said. "All my kids I hardly ever see because I'm a truck driver and I'm gone half the time."

In spite of his schedule, Thompson wishes he could have done more.

"I kinda' blame myself for not being here to protect her," he said.

A few years ago, Thompson said Gabbiee took a church trip to New York City.  She called him before she left.

"She said, 'Daddy I'm gonna go up there but I'm scared,'" recalled Thompson. "'What are you scared of?' 'If I get lost, you gonna come and get me?' I said, 'New York is big but I'll come. I'll come and look.'"

"Now I think about back when she told me would I come get her," he said. "Now I can't find her."

More than a week after Gabbiee disappeared, 52-year-old Freddie Grant was arrested.

"I didn't know about this Freddie Grant at that time," said Thompson. "I had never heard of a Freddie Grant or met a Freddie Grant. Gabbiee never told me about a Freddie Grant."

But Thompson's sister, Zoraida Turnipseed, said she met Grant two days after Gabbiee was gone.

"I never knew a yard man," she said. "He was never introduced to me as a yard man. When I got there before 7 a.m. Monday morning Freddie Grant was there."

"He was lying in the office on a day bed," said Turnipseed

She asked Grant if he knew where Gabbiee could be.

"Freddie Grant looked me in my face and said, 'We think she's with a 19 year old boy that had an interest in her,'" said Turnipseed. "But Freddie Grant looked me in my eyes and lied to me."

Sheriff Leon Lott called Grant a monster who forcefully took Gabbiee from her home wearing nothing more than pajamas and holding her cell phone.

"I feel like I looked into the eyes of Satan and never in my life have I been that close to evil until I saw Freddie Grant," said Turnipseed.

 Thompson's other daughters, Gabbiee's sisters, also met Grant that same day.

"Ever since I laid eyes on him that Monday, my spirit didn't agree with him," she said. 

What's been the worst two weeks of their lives, they all hold on to hope. Especially Gabbiee's dad.

"Gabbiee, I love you," said Thompson. "If you hear me,  we're still looking for you. We're going to find you. But reach out to us if you can. Reach out to us so we can just reach out to us so we can help find you."

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