Haley on refusal to answer reporter's question: "Respect is a two way street"

Haley listens to Smith's question.
Haley listens to Smith's question.

CHARLESTON, SC (WIS) - Governor Nikki Haley late Wednesday took to Facebook to explain her refusal to answer a reporter's question during a news conference earlier in the day.

The refusal came during a news conference in Charleston after Haley and Attorney General Alan Wilson unveiled a package of ethics reform proposals.

The first reporter to speak after the governor opened up the floor to questions was The State's Gina Smith. After Smith articulated a question to the governor on ethics reform, Haley said "Gina, I am not going to answer any of your questions," and moved on to take other reporters' questions.

Haley explained the refusal on her Facebook page Wednesday night.

"In response to my refusal to answer Gina Smith's question today; she is the same report that 1) wrote a Front Page, Above the Fold story about me being indicted, with no truth what so ever. 2) She went on to write a story about my 14 year old daughter without having the facts, against the urging of SLED Chief Keel that said it was unprecedented to write about a governor's child knowing the safety concerns. Respect is a two way street," Haley wrote.

This is not the first time Haley has clashed with a reporter in public.

In 2011, Haley referred to Renee Dudley, a Post and Courier reporter, as a "little girl" during a radio interview. The comment was in response to Dudley's reporting on expenses incurred during a European trip by Haley and other state officials.

Haley later told the Associated Press that she regretted her choice of words.

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