Frazier refuses to resign after council votes to ask him to step - - Columbia, South Carolina

Frazier refuses to resign after council votes to ask him to step down


Embattled Lexington Town Councilman Danny Frazier says he will not resign following a unanimous vote from town council asking him to step down.

In a 5-0 vote with Frazier abstaining, town council is looking to pressure the councilman to leave his seat in the wake of a scandal that has him under scrutiny.

An audio recording unearthed by a WIS investigation shows Frazier discussing how to set up an illegal video poker operation in Lexington County and how to hide it from law enforcement.  

In a statement released on Tuesday, Frazier said, "I boasted about friendships and said things that were exaggerated or simply not true, which reflected very poor judgment on my part."

Following the vote, Frazier stood resolute against the calls to resign.

After an almost hour-long executive session, members of the public joined town council in asking for Frazier's resignation. They gave Frazier their opinions.

"All of us make mistakes," Lexington resident David Edwards told Frazier at the  meeting. "I made one. I voted for Danny. I'd like to ask Danny to do what council has asked him and resign."

 "I'm sorry you made a made judgment," said Kay Moore "But I hope you pay for it if you're guilty of it. Because if I break the law, I pay for it."

 "It's disturbing to me, It's disturbing to everyone I've talked to," said Betsy McCall. "It's even more disturbing that you're refusing to do the right thing--whether you're guilty or not, is irrelevant. The disgrace that's been brought to the town again and again, that should be your reason to resign."

Frazier left the meeting without responding to reporters' questions.

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