City upholds decision to fire former cop

Isa P. Greene
Isa P. Greene

The City of Columbia's Employee Grievance Committee has decided to uphold the Columbia Police Department's decision to fire Isa P. Greene.

Greene was fired in the wake of the Tom Sponseller investigation.

Sponseller, the former head of the state Hospitality Association, vanished in February.

The search for Sponseller had been underway for 2 days before Greene returned to work from a vacation in Biloxi, Mississippi. She says she got reassurances from subordinates that the Lady Street office building where Sponseller worked had been thoroughly searched.

It turned out Sponseller had committed suicide in the building's parking garage.

The city argued Greene, who was in charge of the investigation, failed to adequately search the parking garage.

Greene was given the opportunity to retire by CPD Chief Randy Scott, but she says the chief fired her and used her as a scapegoat.

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