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RECORDINGS: Danny Frazier in his own words

WARNING: Foul language and language of sexual nature is included in the recordings.   

WIS obtained the recording from a source who secretly recorded a conversation with Frazier. The source posed as a businessman, interested in getting into the illegal video poker operation inside Lexington County. The source went undercover after fearing Lexington County law enforcement was purposefully ignoring and protecting Frazier's operations. The recording links Frazier to at least two separate sweepstakes businesses, both near West Columbia.

The people who made the recordings tell WIS they have turned them over to state and federal authorities. Frazier admitted to the recording in an emailed statement to WIS that came down late Tuesday night, but denies any involvement in any illegal video poker business. Frazier claimed he didn't "recollect" any of the statements on the recording when WIS confronted him with the recording at a council meeting last week. 

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