Perspective: A WIS Editorial - The Ray

Well, Ray Tanner obviously didn't take my advice about keeping his coaching job. But Now that Tanner is officially USC's Athletics Director and has passed the baton on to Chad Holbrook as baseball coach, I have yet another recommendation to offer up. Perhaps it's time to consider naming the USC baseball stadium after Tanner.

Many fans already refer to Carolina stadium as "The Ray" and it would be a fitting tribute to the man who has racked up 738 wins, two national championships and taken the Gamecocks to 14 NCAA tournaments in 16 seasons. President Pastides hiring of Ray Tanner as USC Athletics Director is certainly a nod to his leadership, coaching and motivational skills, and we all wish Tanner as much success in his new role as he enjoyed coaching the Gamecock baseball team. I encourage Pastides and the Board of Trustees to further honor Ray Tanner's coaching legacy by putting his name on the stadium. Long live The Ray.

That's my perspective. What do you think?