Spurrier responds to critics of alcohol discipline

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - After the Gamecocks scrimmage Saturday, USC Head Football Coach Steve Spurrier responded to a criticism of how the program deals with alcohol-related issues.  In his response, Spurrier said he occasionally has a beer at his office before driving home.

A column written by Ron Morris of the State criticized how the university and Spurrier handle alcohol related problems.

The most recent incident involves former USC red shirt freshman quarterback Tanner McEvoy, who was arrested in North Carolina for speeding and driving after consuming alcohol while underage.

USC suspended McCvoy, but he did not miss any practices before he decided to transfer.

"At the time his offense was not what I felt was critical," said Spurrier. "Since then whatever else has happened has happened.  He was not intoxicated."

"Sometimes I have, well I am legal to do that, I have beer here in the office and drive home," said Spurrier. "That's legal.  I was sort of comparing it to that.  It's against the law.  We don't advocate it."

Depending on a person's body weight, one beer does not make a person legally drunk and too impaired to drive a vehicle.

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