Finding the Perfect Mattress

Your mattress set contributes more to your health & well being than any other piece of furniture in your home. The right sleep set can help the body recover from a difficult day and prepare for the next. Before starting the shopping process, prepare yourself by learning some of the fundamentals of quality bedding. The most important aspect to consider is the comfort level (firmness & support). All to often we see people becoming confused and disenchanted with mounds of technical data and marketing hype that large mattress companies heap on prospective buyers. As a quality, factory direct mattress producer, we are the first to admit that technical construction and component details are very important. However, one must not lose site that how a person's body reacts to the overall comfort level is the most important factor.

The name says it all. Even softer than the Ultra Plush. Only for those who want the softest bed available.

A very soft surface with moderate support beneath. Very popular for those seeking a softer feel.

Traditional firm support mid-way between the firmest and softest models.

Designed for those who need very firm support, but don't want to feel like they are sleeping on a board. Many models in this firmness range are available with a softer plush top.

The firmest level available. Only recommended for those who are comfortable sleeping with the maximum lift and support. Our real world experience tells us that few people are comfortable on a bed this firm

Although some doctors do recommend firmer mattresses for people with back problems, it may actually make the problem worse for certain kinds of back problems. Call or email us for more info.

Pillow top mattresses have been popular for many years. The pillow top mattress was invented to give regular mattresses a softer surface with firm support beneath. While pillow tops are perfect for some, others may not want an ultra thick mattress, which requires deep pocket sheets and may alter the look of their bed. We are now making many traditional mattresses, which have the feel of a pillow top without the need to buy special sheets. We call these models plush tops - these by far are our most popular models.