Why Buy from Best Mattress?

1. Best Mattress handcrafts each mattress by hand using the finest quality components and does not use an assembly line where workers are paid by how many pieces they produce an hour.

2. Best Mattress's highly trained staff will listen to your personal needs and help guide you to make an informed decision without high-pressure sales tactics.

3. If one of our in stock sets is not perfect for you, we will custom build one that matches your needs.

4. Best mattress exclusive 30 day comfort warranty - If you are not 100% satisfied with the comfort level of your new set we will exchange it for one of our other models within 30 days.

5. Our long-term construction warranties protect your purchase for up to 20 years.

6. Only Best Mattress offers true old fashioned handcrafted quality without assembly lines and uses steel wire insulators not the less expensive lower quality plastic netting over mattress coils to prevent sagging.

7. Only Best Mattress offers high quality Z-Bar sidewalls supports for longer life.

8. Only Best Mattress offers 4 different comfort levels in each model so that customers may choose from Super Firm to Super Soft.

9. Only Best Mattress has been voted #1 seven out of the past 8 years by readers of South Carolina's largest daily newspaper.

10. Best Mattress has been owned by the same family and been in business for 72 years.

11. Shoppers can browse our website, then call or email and talk to a real mattress factory technician or consultant. (Not a commission sales person or telemarketer)

12. Our staff does not use high pressure or unethical sales tactics - Our quality, value, and service speak for themselves.