Church congregation opens arms in wake of Boy Scout car accident

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - The Highway Patrol's Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team will recreate a crash that happened on Callahan Mountain Road Friday night in Greenville County.

Nine Boy Scouts were injured, and three of them were from the Midlands.

At New Heights Church in Columbia, the congregation is praying for all of the families involved.

"In the van and in the accident itself, there's a lot more young men that aren't from this church and aren't from the area," said Dr. Myles Beck.

Forty-three scouts from Troop 413 meet regularly at the church. Not all the boys went to camp and the troop was split between Camp White Pines and Camp Old Indian, a more advanced camp for older scouts. 

The van was traveling between the two when it crashed. We now know D.J. Rish, who lost part of his leg, was also doused in gasoline and suffered chemical burns. His church family has wrapped their arms around the Rish family

Prayers for the family have started Friday night and will continue. They're keeping a positive attitude.

"The very fact that lives were spared and bodies will heal is always a blessing," Beck said.

Click here to donate to the injured scouts.

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