Father warns of synthetic pot that's legal in SC

Stanley Presnell talks to Tim Pulliam about SC ban of synthetic marijuana
Stanley Presnell talks to Tim Pulliam about SC ban of synthetic marijuana

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Stanley Presnell's family knows the dangers of K-2 or synthetic marijuana.  He says his son, Nicholas, smoked some.

"We come home from work one night, we smell this strange smell coming out of his bedroom," said Presnell. "We went to investigate and he was stoned out of his mind."

When the teen came out of his stupor, Presnell says his son admitted an adult friend bought the stuff from Seven Sense on Two Notch Rd. 

"They can call it what they want to call it," said Presnell.  "Call it potpourri. That's not what it is. Kids are smoking this stuff."

Presnell says he went to the store to find out why the product is still being sold after DHEC banned it statewide last fall.

Not satisfied with what he was told, Presnell came to WIS.  We spoke to shop owner Jack Walton.

"We looked at the bill," said Walton. "The manufactures have access to the bill and anything that is on the bill or that we are not supposed to have we don't."

Walton says the new product has altered chemicals that are different from those listed in the ban. Even the packaging is new, saying the synthetic drug is DEA compliant.

Presnell is not happy about it, and wants every parent to watch out.

"We've got to do something," said Presnell. "Our government has to do something our state has to do something."

The store owner at Seven Sense says he warns customers that the herbal incense he sells is not for human consumption. But he also acknowledged that people still may be using it for the wrong purpose.

A drug prevention specialist says the new product's chemicals are just as dangerous.

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