New gun holster played a key role in saving deputy’s life

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - Sheriff Leon Lott says new holsters the department started using about a year ago played a key role in saving Deputy Reginald Grant's life Thursday.

The new holsters only cost about seven dollars more than the original ones and Lott says they're worth every penny, especially when you look at how Thursday's incident unfolded.

Sheriff Lott says getting holsters with additional safety devices became a priority for the department last spring

Deputies upgraded 500 holsters from a level two holster which has just one safety retaining devices to level a three which has three safety retaining devices.

The department won't reveal how exactly the level three holsters work, but Sheriff Lott says it's now virtually impossible for a suspect to get their hands on a deputies gun when it's in the holster.

The money for the holsters came from the Richland County Council and Sherriff Lott says they've always had the department's back when it comes to safety.

But more importantly than a holster Sheriff Lott says he's proud of Deputy Reginald Grant.

"Deputy Grant did his job this morning out there," said Lott.  "He just wasn't sitting in the car not doing anything, he was out there actually patrolling looking for drug dealers and he found a drug dealer and a big time drug dealer. He definitely did his job we are proud of his job that he performed this morning and glad that he's ok and that he'll be back on the force full time with us."

We checked into some other localities and turns out Lexington County uses level two holsters as well as the City of Columbia, while Newberry County uses level three holsters.

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