Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Blowfish Response

I received a lot of feedback about my editorial regarding the sale of the Blowfish stadium.  Several viewers were offended by my comment about it being unfortunate that the team might relocate to the other side of the river.  One viewer said that comment was absolutely archaic and that it diminishes the current Mayors Coalition efforts to bring the communities on both sides of the river together.

On the flip side, I heard from one Columbia resident who claimed, "We live in the city limits and have watched Columbia sell their soul time and time again." Not sure how city council continues to make deals like this and think that we can keep people visiting our city.

I talked to Bill Shanahan who was appreciative of the editorial and wanted to assure folks that the Blowfish is a ball team for the Midlands, and he is looking at sites with easy access from anywhere in the Midlands to relocate his team.

Bottom line is that The Blowfish have a very passionate fan base who will be sorry to see them leave the Capital City Stadium.