Buy It & Try It: Total Trolley

(Columbia) May 21, 2004 - The makers of the Total Trolley say you no longer have to lift it or drag it. Now you can slide it and glide it. The Total Trolley claims to be strong enough to hold up to 800 pounds, but still small and light enough to use around your home everyday

The TV commercial claims the Total Trolley to be a household hero. It's a handtruck, four wheel dolly, flatbed cart and step ladder all in one.

Judi Gatson enlisted the help of Midlands Specialty Movers to put the total trolley to the test. Danny Vines and Rodney Dixon have a load of stuff to move at a house in Irmo.

First up was a stack of boxes and that seemed easy enough and even with a big box, the trolley hangs tough.

It was outside for the next challenge after they flip it into a flatbed cart and put the cover on to move a freezer. They loaded it up and the trolley held up under the pressure.

Everything was moving smoothly so they tackled an even bigger test. They eased a refrigerator back and start rolling. It held up with no problem.

How does the total trolley hold up as a step ladder? Rodney, who's a pretty big fellow, put all of his weight on the trolley, "It's pretty strong."

The Total Trolley cost $80 plus $20 shipping and handling. Rodney says it's worth the cash. Danny says it's a good product, but, "I think it will hold up, but I just think the money for it, no it's not worth it. You can get a much cheaper dolly."

The movers didn't like the case that covers the trolley when you convert it into a flat bed. It's supposed to keep small items from falling through. They said it wasn't easy.

By Judi Gatson
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