Mary's Bell's Palsy survival kit

Photos of Mary during her battle with Bell's Palsy.
Photos of Mary during her battle with Bell's Palsy.
The kit that Mary created.
The kit that Mary created.

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - During Mary King's journey, she created a "survival" kit so that she could stay healthy during her battle with Bell's Palsy. Here are some things that you or a loved one may need if faced with the paralyzing attack.

Medications: Steroids and Anti-virals

Doctors say if medications are taken within the first three days of the onset of symptoms, your recovery time could be shortened greatly! The steroids are to reduce inflammation of the facial nerve and the anti-virals are used in case it is a virus that has caused the nerve to become inflamed.

Eye Drops

My doctor wanted me to use artificial tears every hour. The eye cannot shut or blink and therefore could dry out. If the eye is not protected damage could be done to the cornea. Doctors say eye damage could be worse than the Bell's Palsy itself.

Eye Ointment and Eye Patches

Because your eye will not close by itself, it is best to patch it up at night. I put the ointment on before putting on the patch and it helped to keep the eye moist.

Lip Balm/Chapstick

I could not rub my lips together so this was essential to keep my lips from becoming chapped!


As to be expected, if you can't use both sides of your mouth, you can't drink from a cup! I had to put the straw towards the back of the functional side of my mouth. It still wasn't the easiest thing, but it was better than nothing!

Vitamin-D3 and Omega-3

This was a personal choice of mine! Omega-3's are said to be an anti-inflammatory and Vitamin D3 has been said to help boost the immune system. My primary care doctor said he was a big fan of the natural supplements so he wanted me to keep taking them!


The one thing I couldn't go without! Lots of prayer and lots of faith!