Perspective: A WIS Editorial - Primary Bust

Given the deluge of rain and a sparsity of candidates on the ballot, this week's primary voting was a bust. Worst turnout in a decade. Over 200 candidates have been disqualified since May due to improper filing statements, which left voters with slim pickings when it came to making choices in their district races. No matter how strong your conviction to exercise the right to vote, this ballot boondoggle should be a huge wakeup call to all citizens. Even the most patriotic voter has to feel a little disenfranchised.

Rest assured, many disqualified candidates plan to file petitions or legal action prior to the general election this fall to get back on the ballot, but this chaos is certainly not in the best interest of our democratic process and short changes all SC citizens. No doubt, a lot of confusion must be cleared up in the filing process to insure that we, the voters, have equitable choices and that candidates have a fair chance to challenge their opponents.

This important political primary has been a total fiasco, and at a time when we need leadership in government more than ever.

That's my perspective. I'd like to hear from you.